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Yan Siyi, YZNU Student Admitted to Study in Romania with CSC Scholarship

2014-04-08 11:52:22 Click:

The message from China Scholarship Council (CSC) came in recent days that with the recommendation from YZNU to the organizer of “Scholarship Exchange Program with East European Countries”, Yan Siyi, student of School of Mathematics and Computer Science, YZNU has been admitted in program of Information Science, University of Bucharest, Romania.

With the letter of admission, Yan happily said that she would thank teachers from her school for their support, teachers from International Education School for their patient explanation and help. She assured that she would take this opportunity to study hard and learn different cultures abroad.

About the Program: In accordance with the requirements of “Scholarship Exchange Program with East European Countries”, CSC cooperates with some East European countries, and sends out talented persons for training with knowledge in related fields and East European languages.


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